halloween yard sign

Fun Halloween Yard Sign

A few years ago, we wanted to dress up our home with something unique for Halloween.  We found a photo of a sign similar to the one we made for our front lawn.  It’s become a hit in the neighborhood with parents taking selfies with the sign every Halloween.

Fun Halloween Yard SignThe project is made from an MDF frame and a 1/4 inch plywood panel.  The shape of the top and bottom frame were drawn using large circles to create the curves and cut out with a jigsaw.  The frame was then glued on top of the 1/4 inch plywood.  The plywood was cut to match the shape of the frame.

To make the sign look old, we used some woodworking distressing techniques to add some cracks and dents.  The sign was then primed and painted with a grey base coat.  We then painted it again with an off-white chalk paint.

The sign was further distressed by sanding though the white paint to show the grey paint underneath.  Then it was time to add the lettering.

We added the letters with a common crafting technique using laser printed letters and a transfer medium.  Once all the letters were in place, it was time for more distressing.

The streaks and smudges you see on the inside of the sign frame were done with a dry brush technique.  This is done by dipping a small paintbrush in paint, then wiping off most of the paint on a rag before lightly sweeping the brush in strokes in corners and along cracks to make the paint look weathered.

The post is an old 4×4 post from a broken fence.  The arm that holds the sign is an old 2×4 from the same fence.  We morticed the 2×4 into the 4×4 using a large forctner bit and a sharp chisel – fun woodworking practice on a piece that isn’t supposed to be perfect.

dead and breakfast halloween sign at nightThe sign was attached with chains and eye hole screws.

To decorate the sign, we found some crows at a Halloween store and secured them with screws.  We also added a solar garden light to help the Tick-or-Treaters and their parents enjoy the sign.

The first year we put up the sign, we emailed a photo to some friends.  The weekend before Halloween, a friend of ours knocked on the door with his two sons, all with sleeping bags tucked under their arms!  We all had a good laugh!

If you’re interested in learning how to make a sign like this, we might make an instructional video if there’s enough demand.  Let us know on our Contact Us page.

Happy Halloween!

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